Team Real USA

Best Gym in New York, Staten Island

Team Real USA, awarded the ‘Best Gym in Your City 2024’ by GymGazette, stands out as the premier fitness destination in Staten Island. Renowned for its exceptional facilities, dedicated coaches, and inclusive environment, Team Real USA is the go-to place for boxing, MMA, and overall fitness training.
Comprehensive Training Programs
Team Real USA offers a variety of training programs including boxing, MMA, weight training, and cardio, catering to all fitness levels and goals. The gym’s inclusive approach ensures everyone from beginners to advanced athletes can find the right program for their needs.
Expert Coaches
The gym boasts a team of highly skilled coaches like Coach Richie and Chris, who are committed to helping members achieve their fitness goals. Their expertise and dedication create a supportive and motivating environment.
State-of-the-Art Facilities
Equipped with a wide range of high-quality machines, weights, and specialty equipment, Team Real USA ensures members have everything they need for a comprehensive workout. The facility is regularly updated and maintained to the highest standards.
Clean and Welcoming Environment
Members consistently praise the gym for its cleanliness and welcoming atmosphere. The gym maintains strict hygiene standards and fosters a community where everyone feels comfortable and motivated to train.
Strong Community Spirit
Team Real USA prides itself on its strong sense of community. Members support and motivate each other, creating a positive and encouraging environment that extends beyond the gym itself.
Team Real USA is not just a gym; it’s a community where fitness enthusiasts of all levels come together to achieve their goals. With its top-notch facilities, expert coaching, and welcoming atmosphere, it’s no wonder Team Real USA has been named the best gym in Staten Island for 2024. Whether you’re looking to train in boxing, MMA, or simply get fit, Team Real USA has everything you need to succeed.