Pinnacle Health and Fitness

Best Gym in New Jersey, Hillsborough Township

Pinnacle Health and Fitness, recently awarded the ‘Best Gym in Your City 2024’ by GymGazette, stands out as a premier fitness destination in Hillsborough Township, NJ. This state-of-the-art facility offers a comprehensive range of fitness services, ensuring a top-notch experience for all members.
Exceptional Group Classes
Pinnacle provides a variety of group classes including Kettlebells, Bootcamp, Tabata, SPIN, and Yoga, catering to different fitness levels and preferences. These classes are led by experienced instructors and maintain an energetic and motivating atmosphere.
Comprehensive Facilities
The gym boasts large exercise classrooms, separate spin and yoga rooms, and a well-equipped downstairs area with free weights, machines, and treadmills. Additional facilities include racquetball courts, a smoothie bar, martial arts, dance classes, and even babysitting services.
Salt Water Pools
Pinnacle has upgraded their pools to salt water, providing a more pleasant swimming experience. The pools are great for both adults and children, with swim classes available to help kids build their confidence and skills in the water.
Personal and Small Group Training
Members can take advantage of personal and small group training sessions. These sessions are tailored to individual fitness goals, offering a more personalized and effective workout experience.
Dedicated and Friendly Staff
The staff at Pinnacle Health and Fitness are known for being exceptionally friendly, professional, and helpful. From the front desk to the personal trainers, every team member is dedicated to providing a supportive and positive environment for all gym-goers.
Pinnacle Health and Fitness truly lives up to its name by providing a pinnacle experience for fitness enthusiasts. With its top-notch facilities, diverse classes, dedicated staff, and continuous upgrades, it is no surprise that this gym has earned the ‘Best Gym in Your City 2024’ award. Whether you’re looking for a dynamic group workout or a quiet personal training session, Pinnacle has something for everyone, making it a standout choice in Hillsborough Township.