Pine Lake Physical Therapy & Sports Rehab, P.S.

Best Gym in Washington, Sammamish

Pine Lake Physical Therapy & Sports Rehab, P.S., awarded ‘Best Gym in Your City 2024’ by GymGazette, offers top-notch physical therapy services with a focus on personalized care and innovative treatments. This facility stands out for its dedicated and knowledgeable staff, state-of-the-art equipment, and welcoming environment.
Expert and Caring Staff
The team at Pine Lake PT includes highly skilled therapists like Ron, Ryan, and Tracey, who are praised for their expertise, patience, and personalized care. Patients highlight the therapists’ ability to tailor exercises and treatments to individual needs, ensuring effective recovery and improvement.
Comprehensive Treatment Plans
Pine Lake PT is known for its thorough assessment of patients’ physical needs and creating comprehensive treatment plans. Therapists provide easy-to-follow homework with digital explanations and printouts, ensuring patients continue their progress at home.
Positive Patient Outcomes
Many patients report significant improvements in their conditions after just a few sessions. Success stories include recovery from chronic pain, increased mobility, and faster post-surgery rehabilitation. The facility’s effective treatments lead to highly satisfied patients.
Clean and Welcoming Environment
The facility is noted for its cleanliness, brightness, and welcoming atmosphere. The friendly and professional staff ensures a comfortable experience for all patients, contributing to a positive and motivating environment for rehabilitation.
Convenient and Efficient Services
Patients appreciate the clinic’s efficient scheduling process, including text reminders and minimal wait times. The reception team, including Sophia, Christina, and Cindy, is praised for making the administrative part of the process smooth and pleasant.
Pine Lake Physical Therapy & Sports Rehab, P.S. excels in providing exceptional care through its expert staff, comprehensive treatment plans, and welcoming environment. The clinic’s commitment to patient success and efficient services makes it the top choice for physical therapy in Sammamish. Highly recommended for anyone seeking effective and personalized rehabilitation.