Phenom Fitness

Best Gym in North Carolina, Winston-Salem

Phenom Fitness, the Best Gym in Winston-Salem for 2024, is celebrated for its welcoming atmosphere, top-notch equipment, and exceptional cleanliness.
Friendly and Responsive Owners
Owners Ron and Brittany are known for their exceptional responsiveness and friendliness, ensuring every member feels valued and welcomed.
Immaculate Cleanliness
Phenom Fitness prides itself on its immaculate cleanliness, with high sanitation standards that make every visit a pleasant experience.
Top-Quality Equipment
The gym is equipped with top-quality machines and equipment suitable for various fitness levels and goals, from bodybuilding to general health improvement.
No Wait Times for Equipment
Members appreciate the minimal wait times for equipment, even during peak hours, ensuring efficient and effective workouts.
Welcoming Community Atmosphere
The gym fosters a friendly and supportive community, with interactive staff and a positive atmosphere that encourages members to achieve their fitness goals.
Phenom Fitness stands out as a premier fitness facility in Winston-Salem, offering a clean, friendly, and well-equipped environment for all fitness enthusiasts.