Lake Shore Athletic Club

Best Gym in Washington, Vancouver

Lake Shore Athletic Club (LSAC) is renowned for its extensive facilities and welcoming atmosphere. With a strong community presence and a variety of fitness options, it stands out as a top choice for fitness enthusiasts in Vancouver.
Exceptional Outdoor Facilities
LSAC features newly resurfaced outdoor courts, accommodating ten pickleball courts and three tennis courts. These high-quality courts provide members with excellent spaces for outdoor activities.
Comprehensive Fitness Amenities
The gym boasts an array of equipment, including Hammer Strength, Body Master, and Graviton machines, along with a full range of dumbbells from 5 to 100 lbs. Additionally, it includes essential equipment such as a squat rack, an Olympic rack, and a Smith machine.
Superior Cleanliness and Maintenance
LSAC prides itself on maintaining a clean and well-kept environment. The facility is noted for its cleanliness and the upkeep of both the equipment and the locker rooms, ensuring a pleasant experience for all members.
Friendly and Supportive Staff
The staff at LSAC are consistently praised for their friendliness and helpfulness. They go above and beyond to create a welcoming atmosphere and provide thorough orientations for new members, helping them get acquainted with the facility and equipment.
Family-Friendly Environment
LSAC is a family-friendly gym with separate adult and child locker rooms, making it convenient for families to enjoy the facilities together. The club’s ambiance and offerings make it an ideal spot for family fitness activities.
Lake Shore Athletic Club excels in providing a comprehensive, clean, and welcoming fitness environment. Whether you are a seasoned athlete or a family looking for a place to stay active, LSAC offers something for everyone. The club’s exceptional facilities, dedicated staff, and community-oriented atmosphere truly set it apart.