Extreme Gymnastics

Best Gym in Michigan, Warren

Extreme Gymnastics in Warren, MI, has been recognized as the Best Gym in the City for 2024. Known for its friendly staff and highly dedicated coaches, this gym offers an exceptional environment for young gymnasts to thrive. With a strong focus on both recreational and competitive levels, Extreme Gymnastics is the perfect place for children to develop their skills and grow stronger both physically and mentally.
Outstanding Coaches
Extreme Gymnastics boasts a team of dedicated and experienced coaches who are committed to helping each child reach their highest potential. Coaches like Mia are particularly praised for their engaging and supportive teaching methods.
Friendly and Helpful Staff
The staff at Extreme Gymnastics are known for their friendly and helpful demeanor. Whether it’s the welcoming front desk staff or the attentive booking assistants, they ensure a positive and seamless experience for all members and visitors.
Small Class Sizes
Small class sizes are a significant advantage at Extreme Gymnastics, providing personalized attention and a more focused training environment for each gymnast. This allows for better skill development and individualized coaching.
Open Gym Sessions
The gym offers open gym sessions, giving children the freedom to practice various techniques in a flexible and fun environment. These sessions are perfect for additional practice and honing new skills outside of regular classes.
Strong Community and Philosophy
Extreme Gymnastics promotes a philosophy that focuses on developing strong, independent, and happy children. This supportive community environment encourages young gymnasts to grow not just in their athletic abilities but also in their confidence and independence.
Extreme Gymnastics stands out as a top choice for gymnastics training in Warren, MI. With its exceptional coaches, friendly staff, small class sizes, open gym opportunities, and strong community values, it’s no wonder this gym has been awarded the Best Gym in the City for 2024.