Element 26 Fitness

Best Gym in Oregon, Astoria

Element 26 Fitness, the winner of the ‘Best Gym in Your City 2024’ award from GymGazette, is a top-notch fitness center in Astoria, Oregon. Known for its inviting atmosphere and state-of-the-art facilities, this gym caters to fitness enthusiasts of all levels, providing a comprehensive and inclusive workout experience.
Atmosphere and Inclusivity
Element 26 Fitness boasts a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere, making it a favorite among locals and visitors alike. Members highlight the friendly and supportive community that encourages everyone, regardless of their fitness level, to feel at home and motivated.
Comprehensive Equipment
The gym is equipped with an extensive range of cardio machines, free weights, and specialized equipment. Whether you’re a runner, a bodybuilder, or someone looking to stay fit, Element 26 Fitness has everything you need to meet your fitness goals.
Excellent Facilities
With spacious and clean facilities, including well-organized workout spaces and a functional locker room, Element 26 Fitness ensures a comfortable and efficient workout environment. The open doors for fresh air add to the refreshing and invigorating ambiance.
Affordable Membership Options
The gym offers a variety of membership plans, including day passes, monthly, three-month, and annual options, all at competitive rates. This affordability makes Element 26 Fitness accessible to a wider range of people, enhancing its appeal in the community.
Professional and Supportive Staff
The knowledgeable and friendly staff, including personal trainers, are always ready to assist members with their fitness journeys. Their expertise and approachability help create a positive and productive environment for everyone.
Element 26 Fitness stands out as a premier gym in Astoria, Oregon, combining a welcoming atmosphere, comprehensive equipment, excellent facilities, affordable memberships, and professional staff to provide an exceptional fitness experience. Whether you’re a local resident or just visiting, this gym is a fantastic choice for anyone looking to improve their fitness and well-being.