Edgewater Fitness

Best Gym in Maryland, Edgewater

Edgewater Fitness, the proud recipient of the ‘Best Gym in Your City 2024’ award from GymGazette, offers a welcoming and well-equipped environment for fitness enthusiasts of all ages and abilities. Located in Edgewater, Maryland, this gym is renowned for its clean facilities, friendly staff, and wide variety of fitness equipment and classes, making it a top choice for the local community.
Extensive Variety of Equipment
Edgewater Fitness boasts a comprehensive range of equipment, including free weights, machines, cardio equipment, and specialized areas for CrossFit and group classes. This diversity ensures that members have everything they need to meet their fitness goals.
Clean and Spacious Environment
The gym is meticulously maintained, with regular cleaning of equipment and facilities. Members appreciate the high ceilings and open layout, which provide a spacious and airy atmosphere, avoiding the cramped feeling found in many other gyms.
Friendly and Helpful Staff
The staff at Edgewater Fitness are consistently praised for their friendliness and helpfulness. They create a welcoming environment and are always ready to assist members with their fitness needs, from equipment guidance to personalized training sessions.
Convenient Hours and Accessibility
Edgewater Fitness offers extended hours to accommodate the schedules of all its members, including those who work long hours. This flexibility makes it easier for everyone to find time for their workouts, contributing to a consistent fitness routine.
Strong Community Feel
Members of Edgewater Fitness often highlight the strong sense of community at the gym. The supportive and friendly atmosphere encourages long-term membership and fosters connections among gym-goers. Special events and activities, such as group classes and personal training with experienced trainers like Tara De Leon, further enhance the community vibe.
Edgewater Fitness excels in providing a top-notch fitness experience with its extensive equipment variety, clean and spacious facilities, friendly staff, convenient hours, and strong community feel. These qualities make it the standout choice for fitness enthusiasts in Edgewater, Maryland, and the well-deserved winner of the ‘Best Gym in Your City 2024’ award.