Dive Into Fitness: Reap the Benefits of Underwater Treadmill Training

Experience the evolution of fitness with underwater treadmill training—an innovative method that combines the benefits of water workouts with the robust cardio and strength-building results of treadmill exercises, making it an ideal choice for everyone from the everyday fitness enthusiast to high-performance athletes.

Physical fitness routines and regimens have always evolved over time, and our quest for the most effective, enjoyable, and health-beneficial forms of exercise has led us to a surprising, yet familiar territory – water. More specifically, underwater treadmill training is making waves in the fitness world. This innovative training method combines the low-impact benefits of water workouts with the robust cardio and strength-building results of treadmill exercises.

A Fresh Spin on Treadmill Workouts

The underwater treadmill, contrary to what one might first imagine, is not simply a regular treadmill plopped into a pool. It’s a sophisticated piece of equipment specifically designed to operate under water. While the concept may seem novel, or even strange, it holds numerous health and fitness benefits that can make it an enticing option for both the everyday gym-goer and the high-performance athlete. But what are these benefits?

The Science Behind Underwater Treadmill Training

To truly grasp the magic of underwater treadmill training, one must first understand the science behind it. Exercising in water, known as hydrotherapy, has been a therapeutic technique for centuries, harking back to the Ancient Greeks and Romans. The inherent buoyancy, resistance, and cooling aspects of water provide unique benefits that are difficult to replicate on dry land.

When you’re in the water, buoyancy helps decrease the weight your joints, bones, and muscles need to support. In waist-deep water, your body bears only about 50% of your total weight, and this percentage further decreases as water depth increases. That means less stress on your joints, which is why underwater treadmill training can be an excellent choice for those with joint issues, the elderly, or those recovering from injuries.

Then, there’s water resistance—about 12 times the resistance of air. This force acts as a natural and adjustable weight training system, challenging your muscles from all angles as you move. So, every step on an underwater treadmill strengthens your muscles, improves balance, and boosts your overall physical fitness.

Cardio and Strength: Two Birds, One Stone

Underwater treadmill training allows you to effectively combine cardio and strength workouts, an often tricky balance to strike in a fitness regimen. Let’s picture Jane, a 40-year-old working woman trying to squeeze fitness into her busy schedule. She hops on an underwater treadmill, adjusts the water depth, speed, and even jet resistance, and starts walking. Within minutes, she’s engaged in a dynamic, total body workout, targeting her cardiovascular system and strengthening her muscles at the same time.

Quicker Recovery, Better Performance

High-performance athletes, like marathon runners or football players, face a common challenge: how to maintain fitness while recovering from strenuous training or injuries. That’s where underwater treadmill training shines. Recall the reduced weight-bearing effect in water? It means athletes can continue training with less risk of worsening their injury. This is why NFL star Peyton Manning reportedly used underwater treadmill training to rehabilitate after neck surgery.

Fitness MethodCardio BenefitStrength Training BenefitRehabilitation PotentialSuitability for Mobility Issues
Regular TreadmillHighMediumLowLow
Weight TrainingLowHighMediumLow
Underwater Treadmill TrainingHighHighHighHigh

A Way Forward for Those with Mobility Issues

Beyond its apparent fitness and rehabilitation benefits, underwater treadmill training can be a lifeline for those with mobility issues. Take John, for example, a stroke survivor struggling to regain his walking skills. Underwater treadmill training allows John to relearn and practice these skills in a safer environment. The water slows down his movements, providing him more reaction time and reducing the risk of falls.

Stay Cool While Breaking a Sweat

Another significant benefit of underwater treadmill training is the temperature factor. As you work out, your body heat increases, and if it becomes too high, your performance can decrease. But in a pool, water continually cools your body, enabling you to work out longer and more comfortably.

“Water is a medium that will challenge you in all aspects – strength, resistance, and cardio. It’s not just about swimming. Underwater treadmill training is an effective way to achieve total body fitness without risking injury or discomfort.”

Eric Franklin, a fitness coach and author in an interview for the Fitness Magazine


Underwater treadmill training, though not as widespread as conventional gym workouts, carries a plethora of benefits, from joint-friendly cardio and strength training to effective rehabilitation and a cool, comfortable workout environment. So why not dive in and explore this innovative, scientifically-backed, and versatile training method?

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