Ethan Carter

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Ethan is a nutrition expert and registered dietitian known for his expertise in sports nutrition and performance. With years of experience working with athletes of all levels, he understands the importance of fueling the body for optimal results. Ethan's articles on provide readers with valuable insights into proper nutrition, meal planning, and supplementation, helping them make informed choices to support their fitness journeys.
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Intermittent Fasting for Athletic Performance

Unveil the secrets of Intermittent Fasting for athletic performance and learn how to create your own IF-athlete diet plan for optimum results. This article walks you through the journey of IF from history to science, highlighting its benefits for athletes and providing practical guidance on how to incorporate it into your lifestyle.
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Protein-Packed Recipes for the Modern-Day Athlete

Dive into protein's role in athletic performance, stock your pantry with protein-packed staples, learn delectable recipes, and discover smart tips and tricks for incorporating more protein into your meals—all tailored to the needs of the modern-day athlete.